All the subtleties and rules of the roulette game

The roulette rules are easy to remember, even for a person who hasn’t visited the casino before. For this entertainment uses a special wheel that rotates, as well as a field for bets. The wheel of the classic European roulette wheel consists of 37 cells with numbers that are painted black and red. There is also a special part of the green roulette called “zero”. The presence of this sector gives an advantage to the casino.

The playing field for bets consists of:

  • Three columns;
  • Twelve rows;
  • special cells for rooms.

Near the main sectors there are additional fields where bets are placed on:

  • red or black;
  • even and odd;
  • large small numbers;
  • columns and dozens.

Today, any visitor to can check his luck behind the roulette wheel. But, to achieve the greatest success in this game, it is necessary to study its rules, strategies and basic nuances. It is also advantageous to spend on roulette without deposit bonuses casino.

Gaming process

In order to start the game, it is necessary to place a bet, which should not be less or more than the limits set in a particular game. If the user is impressed by the virtual roulette, the rules of the game on it assume to click on Spin or Start to start the wheel. At the beginning of the game session, the dealer announces the start of bets and launches the ball. During this, participants make bets, which the dealer can specify. Then the dealer closes the bets. When the ball stops spinning on the wheel and stops at a certain number, the dealer circles the same number on the playing field. After that, all losing bets are removed, and the winning remains on the field. The winner, whose bet has been played, receives prize chips. The amount of winnings depends on how many chips were put by the participant of the session. In some casinos, the roulette rules assume blank backs – the wheel starts, but the player does not make a move.

Types of roulette bets

In the classic version of the game there are bets on a different number of numbers:

  • on one – 35:1;
  • on two (split) – 17:1;
  • on three (street) – 11:1;
  • on three numbers together with zero – 11:1;
  • on four – 8:1;
  • 0, 1, 2, 3 – 8:1;
  • on six numbers in two rows – 5:1;

There are also external bets:

  • per dozen – 2:1;
  • on the column – 2:1;
  • red or black – 1:1;
  • even and odd – 1:1;
  • Big and small numbers – 1:1.

Sometimes it is allowed to bet verbally on sectors and neighboring numbers. In online casinos, oral moves can be made using a special oval track or a menu with a list. In any case, you only need to play at proven casinos, such as

The rules of roulette depending on its type

The subtleties of fun vary depending on its varieties. Above we have described the European variant of entertainment. There are also American, French and other types of roulette. The first version involves 38 sectors, which includes a double zero. Due to the presence of two zeros at once American roulette is considered the least profitable for the player. In French roulette all the terms of the game should be pronounced in French, but this point is often not respected. The main difference between the French version of the game – the table for bets with a different arrangement of sectors. In addition, in French roulette all numbers on the game table can be the same color.

The basic principle of French roulette is “La Partage or Prison” or “Prison rule”. So, if a zero falls out during the same bets, they go “to jail” (en prison) to be played during the next turn of the wheel. Many casinos have simplified the “La Partage or Prison” principle. That is, if the player’s bet is “in jail”, he just gets half the amount paid back. It is this nuance that makes the French roulette game the most profitable, because it guarantees a higher RTP (theoretical return percentage).