Slots Lights Casino Review

There are various types of lights on slot machines, and they are often required by regulators and manufacturers. These lights indicate the status of the machine and are important in a number of ways. These lights are often activated when a slot machine hits its service light. Moreover, these lights indicate the lowest default denomination, which is important because many modern machines are multi-denomination.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols in slots games can be a great way to increase your chances of winning big. They replace all other icons, except scatter symbols, and can sometimes offer multipliers as well. When you hit a Wild symbol, expect it to flash on the reels, increasing the possibility of a big prize.

Slot machines have been popular for a long time. The benefits of playing them are many, including eye-catching visuals, colorful sounds, and the thrill of winning after every spin. However, one of the main reasons why slot machines are so popular is that they allow you to win big, even with small investments. One of the most important factors in finding the right slot machine is to search for a game that has a high RTP, or return to player, percentage.

Wild symbols are important to online slots because they act as substitutes for other symbols on the reels. They increase the chances of winning by filling in missing symbols and completing winning combinations. In fact, they can increase the chance of winning by up to four times! The wild symbol can also act as a multiplier and double or quadruple winnings.

Free Spin mode

One of the most fun features of slots is the Free Spin mode, which allows you to play free games without risking any money. This mode is activated when you land three or more scatter symbols on the reels. Each time you trigger the Free Spin mode, you’ll get more awards. These include more free spins and the possibility of hitting up to 90,000 coins.

If you’re looking for an Asian-themed slot with thrilling payouts, Lights is a great choice. It offers a Free Spins mode, extra wilds, and an Asian-themed background. And it’s compatible with mobile devices!

Scatter symbols

Scatter symbols in slots are symbols that trigger free spins or frequent mini-games. They can also increase your winnings. There are several types of scatters, each with a unique way to trigger winnings. Learn about them and where to find them. If you want to increase your winnings, you should try to get the scatter symbol as often as possible.

Scatter symbols are a major highlight of modern slot machines, and they perform different functions on different slots. In Dead or Alive, for example, a Scatter symbol can activate the Bonus round or Free Spins mode, allowing you to win a 2x multiplier.

Symbols that activate Free Spin mode

Symbols that activate Free Spin mode on Slots Lights Casino are those that include wild symbols and multipliers. Wild symbols and multipliers can increase the payout of a winning combination. In addition, there are also bonus symbols. These symbols can trigger bonus rounds and do not need to appear on any payline to trigger them. Generally, bonus symbols reflect the theme of the game.

The symbols in the slots games differ depending on the theme. Some are traditional and reflect the game theme, while others are unique and can trigger special features and increase winnings. Other symbols can trigger bonus rounds or free spins, and they must appear in specific positions to activate the bonus.

Similar games to Lights

Lights is a slot game from NetEnt with a unique theme based on the oriental countries. It has a 5×3 playing field and 9 paylines. Players can win two Wilds on each spin and can also benefit from a lucrative free spins bonus. The bright green colour of the slot machine interface follows the usual NetEnt look.