The system’s two-game to win at roulette. P#1

Today I’m going to share with you some sort of system for roulette that I invented myself. To tell the truth, is not among those who believe more scientific and studied, in fact it was born from the observation of other players at the table, but every time that I practiced it has always worked very well even if winnings sometimes, after a few hours , were of a few tens of Euros.

The system was born from my intuition as I tried to apply a psychological trick that told me an old superstitious man at a table. Not that I ever believed his words, but those words were not as unfounded and said by someone who looked like her beautiful experience to tavoi had. The initial system was based on psychology: looking for a shot, even 10 or 20 or 30 if necessary, the players at the table without ever play. Among the players there is always someone who loses more than the others because it is totally black in its day. The observation should be done well because of the fact that win or lose you should not be seen from the number of chips in possession but their faces, often saddened and disheartened, attitudes almost mechanical, lacking vitality of those players who are now convinced that it is their day. The system of the old man was simply this here: find who is in his black day and play its opposite. So if the loser playing red, he played black and so on.

These were the words spoken by me for those who believe in bad luck etc, things for me ineligible. However, the part about the psychology of the player who is losing struck me in some way. Indeed, when a player is losing, especially if you have little experience, she gets caught by those negative feelings that lead him ever deeper into the abyss. I speak of those negative beliefs that teach myself before starting to play: to be always positive, never let herself overwhelmed by events, getting caught by emotions, etc.

All concepts that I consider valid and that I continue to disclose to those who follow me. In short, if it begins to lose and forget the mental atteggiamente that are used to play in a rational manner then continue to lose. Therefore I decided to use this to my advantage: find the loser at the table and take advantage of its negative attitude towards the game. I tried a couple of times I found the right person for me, I began to play the opposite, after several hours I found that I was losing because the loser was having coli lucky that they had lifted the morale.