Understanding the bonus policy and promotions in online casinos

It is so nice when a hundred dollars sent as a deposit to an account suddenly turns into 200, 300 or even 400 credits that can be used in games. However, the situation can be significantly overshadowed if the player does not understand the terms and conditions of the starting deposit bonus. If you want to get more useful information about bonuses at the best casinos, explore this site https://slots-online-canada.com/casino-bonuses/. This way you will have the opportunity to start playing at a great casino with attractive bonuses.

The user, who follows all the rules strictly, finally comes to the moment of truth – the choice of online casino, where he will play. It is worth recalling that the choice will be made from the 10 to 15 most competent resources. The choice will not seem easy. After all, you’re unlikely to find two identical casinos, whose conditions on the provision of bonuses will be the same. Mainly it’s the bonuses that are the main difference between each online casino (almost all are trying to organize the best system of rewards). It’s simply not possible to orient yourself in this vast ocean of offers without understanding the mechanisms of bonus accrual and assimilation of preliminary information. Therefore, it is highly recommended to thoughtfully read the rest of the information.

Types of bonuses

For ease of understanding all bonuses/ promotions will be divided into several types. So, below are the most common bonuses/promotions:

  • Welcome Package;
  • No Deposit Bonus;
  • Bonus for an hour (free play);
  • Free Spins;
  • Bonus for High Rollers;
  • Bonuses on repeat deposits;
  • Loyalty Programs;
  • Refunds (cashback), Happy Hours, bonuses for new games, etc.

Explanations of some important terms

Below are explanations of some important terms.

  • Wager. This term describes the coefficient of the amount you need to spend on bets to win back the bonus. Here is an illustrative example. Suppose a player has credited $100 to his account and at the same time agreed to accept the bonus from the casino. However, in order to withdraw the money, the player must satisfy the wagering requirements, which are x30. In other words, the player must wager a total of 3,000 credits.
  • NOT sticky bonus. This term says that the player can withdraw the entire amount of money in the account (including the amount of bonuses) after meeting the previous requirement.
  • Sticky Bonus. The player is not allowed to cash out the amount of the bonus, even if he complied with the casino’s terms and conditions regarding betting. When withdrawing the bonus amount will be withheld (deducted) by the casino.

Finally, we can proceed to the description of one of the main bonuses. We’re talking about the sign-up bonus for a new player at a particular site. Perhaps today, this bonus has become mandatory for almost all virtual casinos. The only difference is the size of this bonus. In most cases, it ranges from 50 to 200% per deposit. If you have 200 credits, this amount can easily become 350 or 500. But there are casinos that offer less than this value of the bonus (50% and less).

However, there are also institutions that offer bonuses of 400% on the initial deposit amount. That is, if a player makes a deposit of $1,000, the account balance will soon be 5,000 credits. It is highly recommended to avoid such casinos, as trying to meet the wagering requirements, the player is likely to lose all the funds. Pay special attention to the terms cashable/non-cashable. If you want to find a reliable casino, you should first search for reviews online. For example, if you are looking at jackpot city canada, you should first research https://slots-online-canada.com/review/jackpot-city-casino/.