Professional football caught cheating at the casino

What is football in Europe in the United StaatenI football and the stars of the team are rewarded with millions of salaries. One of the top-earning stars and this was apparently still not enough and he wanted to help out the little fortune at the Palace Station Hotel in Las Vegas.

The professional football player Quinton Carter of the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL) wanted at the craps table only-validated its use as the dice had already fallen. The Palace Station Hotel in Las VegasThe security of the casino but quickly noticed the wrong game and alerted the police. Especially since the laws are very strict in Nevada, the player is next to a term of imprisonment which may extend to six years and still a fine, which will move to $ 10,000. Moreover, it is certainly not conducive for his image that was allowed to dissipate Carter in the casino cheating is absolutely not a trivial offense in the United States. Carter is not advised for the first time with the laws in conflict here. So an arrest warrant was dismissed because he eluded a consultation to which he would have had to compete for possession of narcotics against the Strong Saftey players already in 2011.

The money it can probably not lie, because Carter signed in 2011 a four-year contract and is said to have collected the princely sum of $ 2,495,000 as a rookie. Quinton Carter is from Las Vegas and was supposed to know that not only do the big casinos but also smaller, such as the Palace Station Hotel by trained staff and high tech equipement fraud almost impossible.