“Runner” the poker thriller

Cineastes and poker fans will be certainly pleased the gambling drama “Runner Runner” with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. These two main characters operate in international waters a poker paradise. Ben Afflek as shady poker Mogulplayed by Justin Timberlake has a great passion, that’s online poker. He’s here but not the luck so playful and his complete study fund.

Since he has a distinctive talent in mathematics and makes this advantage at this online poker tournament and playful despite everything, he is sure is that the game must have been tampered with. He would like to ask for his money from the owner of the website, a windy millionaire Ivan Block, played by Ben Affleck and travels back to Costa Rica for this purpose. But of course there is no money back but Ivan hired the talented Richie to get some help in his questionable transactions. The FBI is after Richie quickly. Justin Timberlake embodied in “Runner, Runner,” a college student in constant need of money, which can be iьberreden of the seedy gambling mogul rigged poker tournament and full of dazzling of the underworld parties, yachts and beautiful women are tied up. The German theatrical release is on 24 Take place in October 2013.

The action here has certainly some parallels to 21, the blackjack epic. Be directed this thriller hochkarцtig besetztn poker leads Brad Furman (“The Lincoln Lawyer”) are Co-starring Gemma Arterton, among other things, known from “Song for Marion”, Anthony Mackie, “Real Steel”) and Bob Gunton “The Shawshank Redemption” to see . Here is the new international trailer:International Trailer